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Pilates In The Catalina Foothills Body Fundamentals - A Pilates Studio in Tucson
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Pilates and Perfect Health Programs and Seminars

Specialty workshops and seminars are available on request. These seminars include training for teachers, Pilates studios, Dance companies, and Theatre companies.
These seminars include:
• Ensemble Movement Work (for Performers and Theatre Companies)
• Gait Patterning
• Postural Alignment & Correction
• Pilates Matwork
• Pilates Strength Intensives
• Custom Roller Seminars
• A full syllabus on all of the Pilates equipment
Pilates Prices Tucson
Seminar Benefits:
• Fresh inspiration for teachers, clients, and performers.
• Help in retaining clients and revitalizing teaching approaches.
• Improved posture and physical conditioning.
• Develop greater core strength.

Pilates Foam Roller Workshop Tucson
Foam Roller Workshops
Available upon request

• Created by
Geneviève Nedder
Foam Rollers are a great tool for postural correction and can help relieve chronic pain. For over 20 years, I've designed Roller Workshops for back care and maintenance, as well as custom core, alignment and balance programs using the highly popular tool. You'll increase your overall body awareness, strengthen core muscles while aligning your spine and improving your balance. Learn fun exercises to do at home. Training available for all levels!

The Use of Energy/"Chi" In Physical Training

Sarkice Nedder
• Returning Featured Presenter Sarkice Nedder
Join us for this unique lecture and presentation. This lecture is centered around specific techniques for feeling, moving and utilizing energy for health and conditioning. There will be some limited practice- from your seats to enable you to feel and move energy. You will leave the lecture with enough information to practice and develop feeling, moving and utilizing energy.

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