Simple progressions from Bruce King.

Rules of The Bones Book Review

“This is a health rather than beauty book. Its purpose is to help you improve your movement habits for life. ”  – Bruce King.

Just finished re-reading Bruce King’s powerful gem: Rule Of The Bones. I’ve spent many years with this small treasure and find myself returning to it often. In a world of extremes often intensified during the Holiday season, Bruce’s balanced approach to posture, gait and movement is a gentle and helpful guide. It’s practical and it works. And even though we know more in 2014 about the body then we did when this was written,  these progressions stand the test of time.

Powerful in its simplicity, his movement progressions and postural tips are sound, and effective.  His exercises for the feet in Chapter VI are simple and can be done anywhere. No equipment required.  I give them to many of my older clients who are struggling with neuropathy or foot cramping from tight muscles.  They receive relief quickly and their feedback is consistently positive. I also like the section on sitting and the great reminders on how to sit properly in front of a computer.

I know many of you have incorporated part or all of the exercises into your home routines. Keep it up and continue to improve your movement habits daily. Consistency is key!

And, if you have a moment, let me know how it’s going. . .I love to hear from you!