Geneviève presents workshops that are clear, concise, inspiring and beautifully focused on the details that matter. She has the leadership skills and movement experience to accurately redirect perceived difficulties into positive outcomes for each student without losing the concentration and focus of the group, or the workshop itself. -Diana Bailey Founder & Director of Essential Motion Inc. 
Perfect Health Tucson Retreat
Group Meditation class in Tucson
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Body Fundamentals is a boutique Pilates & Wellness studio. We offer Integrative Health and Wellness services to complement your Pilates programs. Wellness services include Corporate Wellness programs, Private Lifestyle consulting,  the Chopra Center's Perfect Health Lifestyle Program, and Meditation.

Pilates In-Studio Sessions

Private (one-on-one) and semi-private (2 people) are offered in our boutique Tucson studio. Weekly Master class Quartets and Pilates Professional Mentoring sessions are available to Professional teachers and Teachers in training.

Private and semi-private sessions on the apparatus and mat are tailored to students' needs and goals. Our aim is to provide you with a whole-body movement experience in a serene environment while teaching you the principles of Pilates.

 Professional Mentoring

1:1  Mentoring sessions are available for Professional Pilates teachers, Teachers in training, and Studio owners seeking support. These hour-long sessions give Pilates professionals an opportunity to work on their own skills, endurance, and strength and gain a deeper understanding of advanced protocols.

Sessions may also include support for teaching, such as:

  • Cueing- physical, verbal, and non-verbal.
  • Movement regressions, progressions, and modifications for injuries various health conditions.
  • Program creation and development for privates, semis, and small groups.
  • Presentational skills for teaching groups of any size.

Available in person or virtually.


Pilates Seminars & Workshops

Workshops, Seminars, and Continuing education for studios, teachers, and destination resorts are available upon request.

Popular topics include:

  • Wunda Chair Progressions
  • Pilates Matwork intensives
  • Foam Roller workshops
  • Reformer progressions & transitions
    Services- Foam Roller classes


About the Roller...

Foam Rollers are a great tool for balance, spinal alignment, postural correction, and pain relief.  Foam Roller Workshops and customized home roller programs are available by request.

"I use the Roller daily with clients in the studio and am continually surprised by how quickly it can realign the spine as well as help relieve back pain" - Genevieve

Introductory Meditation Course

4 Week Meditation Course -

In this introduction to meditation, participants learn the benefits of meditation, as well as an introduction to different types of meditation. Students learn to recognize the primary stress responses, and how those responses immediately impact our physiology.  Students are given tools to increase awareness of these responses with specific attention to recognizing the “fight/flight/freeze: response, and how to change it.

The course begins with a short educational segment on meditation. There is an instruction to mantra meditation technique and attendees will be led through it at each session.  Breathing techniques (Pranayam) are part of each session’s practice. Chair Yoga sequence per your request before guided meditation is available as part of the curricula.

Each class ends with intention setting for vibrant health, mental clarity, and greater peace and well-being. Students also learn what experiences to expect during meditation and how to deepen their home practice.

The weekly practical meditation experience helps students not only create a home practice but encourages mindful awareness at the office with their fellow employees.

Receive clear guidance for living a spiritual life in our secular world.

Handouts & Reference Materials

  • Breathing techniques to reverse stress
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Daily practice guidelines and support
  • Meditation door hanger



  • Lowered blood pressure and hypertension
  • Relief from depression
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Decreased cholesterol levels
  • Restful awareness- the counterbalance to fight/flight/freeze
  • Improve Focus
  • Inner relaxation
  • More restful sleep
  • Build new neural pathways and change your physiology


Meditation & Wellness Group Classes

Meditation & Wellness Group Classes

Based on her meditation practices learned as a child from her father, during her studies of Shaolin Ku and expanded upon using Primordial Sound Meditation learned at the Chopra Center, these classes are designed for everyone. Each class has a special health focus:

  • Anti-Anxiety Meditation
  • Achieving Restful Sleep
  • Connect to Calm
  • Cultivating a Daily Spiritual practice
  • Brain Health & Mindfulness
  • Getting out of Fight/Flight
  • Meditation & Manifesting
  • Overcoming Fear through Meditation
  • Reconnect to Joy

Our 90-minute Meditation classes are offered throughout the year.  All classes include:

  •  Mindful Breathing techniques
  •  Interactive Wellness presentation
  • 20-30 Minute Guided Meditation


Employee Wellness programs, executive training, and group training for businesses that focus on meditation, mindful awareness, and stress management are available. To discuss your company’s training goals or receive our Employee Wellbeing information packet, please email Geneviève.


Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness programs are only effective if employees participate. Body Fundamentals' engagements and diverse classes and programs provide your employees with the tools to make long-term healthy lifestyle choices and improve your team's overall performance.

Our primary focus is sustainable healthy living via education, classes, courses, seminars, and workshops in an encouraging, supportive, motivating environment.

In addition to Pilates classes and workshops, all Holistic Health and Mind-Body services draw from a combination of modern science and the world’s timeless healing traditions. Specifically, the Chopra Center’s Perfect Health Lifestyle Program based in Ayurveda and combining the most recent knowledge from Integrative medicine is a set of best principles and practices from mind-body medicine from around the world.

Attendees learn a balanced sustainable path to wellness through Holistic Nutrition,  Meditation and Mindfulness integration, Conscious Communication techniques,  Sleep optimization, and Whole-body fitness through the comprehensive Pilates Method.





Optimal Lifestyle Consulting

Using the science of Ayurveda as the foundation, combined with modern healing practices, one-on-one lifestyle sessions focus on your specific needs and desires. Through questions and diagnostic tools, we will identify areas of imbalance or pain and introduce tools to help you re-establish balance.

These tools include:

  • a personalized diet that works for you
  •  creating a daily routine
  •  holistic nutrition
  •  mindful movement
  •  heart-healthy meal planning
  •  herbal support
  •  sleep optimization
  •  mindfulness integration
  •  stress management techniques

If you desire better health, increased energy, self-healing, anxiety and stress relief, or learning to develop more meaningful relationships, call to schedule a private session. * Consultations may be done in person, by phone, or by zoom.


*All private sessions are strictly confidential.

Perfect Health Lifestyle Program

Based on Dr. Chopra's book Perfect Health, The Perfect Health Lifestyle program was developed by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon. It represents the integration between principles of modern science and insights from the world's timeless wisdom traditions.  As your Chopra-trained Instructor, Geneviève will guide you through five distinct lessons that teach you a powerful regimen of Ayurvedic & Integrative Health practices that teach you to bring balance and healing into your life.

You learn:

  •  ayurvedic nutrition
  •  aromatherapy
  • building resilience on a daily basis
  •  how to reduce emotional turbulence
  •  how to communicate more consciously
  •  your personal mind-body type
  •  a balanced sustainable path to wellness
  •  stress management techniques
  • tools for weekly and monthly cleansing and detoxification