Stevie on the Wunda Chair

A Boutique Studio offering Pilates Privates & Semi-Privates.

Balance.  Flexibility.  Strength. 

Join our boutique Pilates studio for Pilates and Professional instructor mentoring. All Body Fundamentals Pilates classes are personalized 1 (private) or 2-person (semi-private) sessions that use a combination of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Wunda Chair, Spine corrector, Ladder Barrel) and mat work. 

Pilates restores the body while improving balance, flexibility, posture, strength, and coordination. Pilates is not only a whole-body conditioning program but truly a practice for quality of life.

A consistent Pilates practice results in postural correction and core strengthening, not only improving how we look but also relieving pain.

Body Fundamentals offers in-person individual or 2-person private Pilates classes in its Tucson studio.

Begin your Tucson Pilates practice today. Call: 520-299-6541.

Catalina Foothills Pilates Studio in Tucson, Arizona also offering Perfect Healthy Ayurveda

Body Fundamentals is a boutique Pilates & Wellness studio. We offer Mind-Body Health and Wellness services to complement your Pilates programs. Wellness services include Corporate Wellness programs, Optimal Lifestyle consulting, the Perfect Health Lifestyle Program, and Meditation.

Pilates In-Studio Sessions

Private (one-on-one) and semi-private (2 people) are offered in our boutique Tucson studio. Professional Mentoring is available to Studio Owners, Pilates teachers, and Teachers in training seeking high-value support.

Private and semi-private (duet) sessions on the apparatus and mat are tailored to your needs and goals. We aim to provide you with a whole-body movement experience in a serene environment while teaching you the principles of Pilates.

Pilates Principles

Awareness . Balanced Muscle Development . Breathing . Control.
Concentration . Centering . Precision . Rhythm . Whole Body Movement

Reformers, Pilates Studio Classes, Tucson


Sessions are 50 minutes

Register for semi-private Pilates sessions so you and a partner can enjoy a mutually encouraging, exclusive Pilates experience—pre-registration is required.
Appropriate for: All levels

1 Semi-Private Session: $68 per person
10 Semi-Private Sessions: (Advance Payment): $620 per person

Tuesday - Saturday
Private & Semi-Privates
Please call: 520-299-6541
or email: [email protected]

Reformer - Pilates


 Private Sessions are 50 minutes*

Private Sessions are individualized per your needs and goals in our fully equipped studio.

1 Private Session: $125

6 Private Sessions (Advance Payment): $576

10 Private Sessions (Advance Payment): $960

6-month expiration

Kneeling Teaser Arms - an Advanced Reformer Pilates movement


 For the Pilates Professional

1:1  Mentoring sessions are available for  Pilates Teachers, Teachers in training, and Studio Owners.

Topics & Support:

  • Structure or Restructure your business to support you and your desired lifestyle.
  • Teaching Support. Cueing- physical, verbal, and non-verbal.
  • Movement regressions, and progressions, for injuries, chronic pain, and post-surgical clients.
  • Program creation and development for duets, small groups, and corporate presentations.
  • Business mentoring on a wide range of topics from opening a studio, client retention, and managing employees to corporate proposals, contracts, and presentations.

$350/75 minutes.

Monthly packages available.

My body was very stiff and muscle-bound from years of tennis. Pilates taught me to stretch slowly and not neglect my mind or body.
You helped me get through bladder cancer and I felt stronger with your care.
We have a great connection.

- Gayle C.

I began my Pilates practice in the Los Angeles area some 30 years ago and encountered many teachers and their teaching styles. Upon returning to my hometown of Tucson and searching for a Pilates instructor who would be a good fit (and I’m pretty particular), I was introduced to Body Fundamentals and Genevieve. I was immediately taken by her calm nature, her expertise, and her interest in my needs and expectations. Over time I have been witness to her impressive intelligence and commitment to continuously expanding her knowledge, not only about Pilates but about living the best lives we can. She is an essential part of my being able to manage scoliosis pain through taking the time to individually craft my regimen and by her understanding of the intricacies of the human body and knowing how to modify any exercise when necessary while still attaining the same benefits. For many years now I have taken both private and semi-private sessions with Genevieve and she is always able to direct her attention where necessary. She challenges and motivates along the way. And she does it all in a professional manner and with a great sense of humor! I highly recommend Genevieve to anyone serious about improving their quality of life through Pilates.

- Lauren Ross


"I use the Roller daily with clients in the studio and am continually surprised by how quickly it can realign the spine as well as help relieve back pain" - Genevieve

Pilates Seminars & Workshops

Workshops, Seminars, and Continuing education for studios, teachers, and destination resorts are available upon request.

Popular topics include:

  • Wunda Chair Progressions
  • Pilates Matwork intensives
  • Foam Roller workshops
  • Reformer progressions & transitions
  • Staff/Teacher training- Working with special populations.

About the Roller...

Foam Rollers are a great tool for balance, spinal alignment, postural correction, and pain relief.  Foam Roller Workshops and customized home roller programs are available by request.

"I use the Roller daily with clients in the studio and am continually surprised by how quickly it can realign the spine as well as help relieve back pain" - Genevieve

We love our clients!!

Most of our clients have been coming to the studio for many years and even decades. We love to share their successes and celebrate milestones. Click below to read our Client success stories.

"On a more subtle note, in the last year, I have noticed the benefits of Pilates spill over to my piano playing and painting. There is a lot more looseness and flexibility in my arms and fingers. I attribute this to core strength and my ability to remove tension and stiffness from my neck and shoulder areas.... a fluidity I never had before.  This is exactly what I try to do with my Pilates exercises. Transfer the tension and stress out of my neck and shoulders into my core."

-Ken S., Artist

Would you like to know more about Pilates?

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Joseph Pilates

“To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life, we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability.”
— Joseph Pilates, Return To Life