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Geneviève Nedder

Geneviève Nedder is the owner and founder of Body Fundamentals, Inc. a Pilates & Wellness Studio in Tucson, Arizona. She helps clients achieve optimal health and make positive lifelong changes, through Movement, Meditation, and Integrative Nutrition.

In addition to teaching Pilates full-time, she presents customized health and wellness programs for small businesses, corporations, and destination resorts. Her Mind-Body Wellness programs build immunity, resilience, and help improve overall health. She is also available for private consulting services.

Professional Education

Her Pilates practice began in Denver, CO, in 1993, 1 year after her second car accident, and her formal Pilates education began six months later. Her extensive Pilates education began at The Pilates Center in Boulder followed by an in-depth, decade-long study with Pilates elder Ron Fletcher who certified her directly. Additionally, she certified with Master Teacher Barbara Huttner during a full-time two-year comprehensive training program. She is also certified through NPCP (National Pilates Certification Program), and a graduate of the Essential Motion Inc., Post-Rehabilitation Program a year-long intensive that qualifies her to teach Pilates post-rehabilitation.

She continues to be a student of movement through yearly continuing education and dedicated daily practice.

Since 2014 Geneviève has studied under Dr. Deepak Chopra and his team of educators at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, now Chopra Global. Trained as a Perfect Health Lifestyle Educator by Dr. Deepak Chopra and other leading Ayurvedic experts, she is a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and a Chopra Certified Health Coach. She is deeply passionate about helping others heal and live better through Ayurveda- the science of life, and through the practice of mind-body medicine.


Additional Pilates Movement & Education

Rehabilitative Pilates training in Postural Correction, Gait-Patterning, and Movement Analysis. 

Geneviève's 32-year teaching career includes weekly coaching of athletes, physicians, and high-level executives as well as those seeking to manage chronic pain. She founded her first two Pilates studios in 1996 and 1997 while living in Denver, Colorado, re-establishing in Tucson in 2000. 

In addition to practicing Pilates, clients learn tools that help them:

  • Integrate mind/body awareness
  • Breath awareness
  • Improve posture
  • Correct harmful movement patterns
  • Gait Repatterning
  • Reverse the Stress response

Before her Pilates career, Genevieve trained and studied at Pepperdine University, The National Theatre Conservatory, The University of Arizona, and The Oxford School of Drama. 

A successful performer and director, she directed and performed professionally for over two decades on stage, in television, film, and video in Los Angeles, California, London and Oxford England, Denver, Colorado, Phoenix, Arizona, and other U.S. cities.

Professional Organizations include Pilates Method Alliance since 2002, National Pilates Certification Program,   SAG/AFTRA since 1997, and The Chopra Foundation since 2013. 

Contact Geneviève directly to schedule Pilates, Meditation, and Optimal Lifestyle consulting, or to learn more about employee wellbeing programs and wellness presentations. Learn how Genevieve discovered Pilates. Read her story "The Unexpected Cure."

Connect : e-mail or call:(520) 299-6541

Perfect Health Lifestyle Educator/ Chopra Health Coach

Since 2014, as I've continued my own healing journey, I’ve delved deeply into Dr. Deepak Chopra's offerings and have been privileged to work directly with world-recognized experts in the disciplines of ayurveda, meditation, and mind-body medicine. The following represents a sample of the ongoing educational development I’ve committed to beyond the initial certification process to be a Perfect Health / Chopra Health instructor.

Sept. 2022              Silent Awakenings Meditation Retreat, Yosemite, CA

Feb. 2020               Seduction of Spirit Chopra Retreat, Amelia Island, FL

Jan. 2019                Infinite Possibilities, Palm Springs, CA

June 2019              Yoga & Meditation week, Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA

Sept. 2018              Living in Balance, Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA

April 2017               Seduction of Spirit Mediation Retreat, Carlsbad, CA

Sept. 2017              I AM Infinite Possibilities, Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA

Feb. 2016               Journey into Healing, Chopra Center Carlsbad, CA

Feb. 2015               Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Week, Carlsbad, CA

Sept. 2015              Teacher’s Retreat, Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA

July 2014                Journey into Healing, Chopra Center, Carlsbad, CA

Nov. 2014                Seduction of Spirit Meditation Retreat, Carlsbad, CA

Genevieve meditating outside the Chopra Center for Wellbeing before Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat. April 2017

Mind-Body Health Courses, Workshops, and Programs Delivered

The below-listed classes and training represent the framework of carefully curated topics I’ve developed rooted in the principles learned as a certified instructor of the Perfect Health Lifestyle program,  as well as from decades of experience as a full-time Pilates teacher.

In studio

Nov. 2022                Nervous System Regulation- the role of mindfulness

Feb. 2019                Healing Through Sight, The use of Art & Nature in healing,

March 2019             Foam Roller Workshop

April 2019                Meditation and Restful Sleep, Best practices

Oct. 2019                Connect to Calm Meditation & Wellness

Nov. 2019                Daily Routine for Restful Sleep

Nov. 2019                Reconnect to Joy Meditation Course

April 2018                Anti-Anxiety Meditation & Health course

Nov. 2018                Meditation & Brain Health

Nov. 2018                Foam Roller and Standing Balance

April 2017                Meditation & Wellness course

June 2017               Brain Health, Meditation, and Memory

Sept. 2017              Perfect Health Lifestyle Weekend Retreat

Nov. 2017                Brain Health & Supplements

Feb. 2016                Introduction to Meditation

March 2016             Relax and Renew with Meditation

Corporate & Organizational Wellness

Mind-body health, Movement, and Optimal Lifestyle Consulting Engagements have been delivered at client-determined sites to support their organizational wellness initiatives for employees, board members, and others. The scope for such programs can be as broad or specific as an organization prefers to align with their organization’s cultural objectives.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson | Wellness & Movement

March 2020             Meeting Our Fundamental Needs through Conscious Communication

Feb. 2020                Chair Yoga for the Workplace

Feb. 2020                Mindful Movement and the Workplace

Jan. 2020                 Chair Yoga and Mindful Movement for the Workplace

Jan. 2019                 Healing Through Sight

Jan. 2019                 Roller Fundamentals for Core Strength

Sept. 2019               Connect to Calm Meditation & Wellness

Nov. 2019                Body Intelligence Tips Nutrition Class

Nov. 2019                Mindful Movement for the Workplace

Dec. 2019                 Anti-Anxiety Meditation & Wellness

Dec. 2019                Phytochemicals- The use of Superfoods in Disease prevention

Oct. 2018                 Achieving Restful Sleep

Oct. 2018                 Foam Roller Workshop

Oct. 2018                 Foam Roller, Balance, and Pilates

Oct. 2018                 Pilates and the Foam Roller

Dec. 2018                Proper Digestion is Essential for Good Health

Dec. 2018                Optimize Digestion for Vital Health

Dec. 2018                Foam Roller for Back Pain Relief

Wellness Resorts & Professional Firms | Movement & Stress Relief

Oct. 2023                 Introduction to Meditation Course, Rusing, Lopez & Lizardi, PLLC, Tubac, AZ

Feb. 2016                 Wunda Chair Progressions for Pilates Teachers, Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ

Dec. 2015                 Foam Roller Workshop for Pilates Teachers, Canyon Ranch, Tucson AZ

Dec. 2015                 Cadillac Variations, Canyon Ranch, Tucson, AZ

May 2014                 Advanced Foam Roller, The Pilates Studio of Green Valley, AZ

May 2014                 Advanced Reformer Progressions, The Pilates Studio of Green Valley, AZ

May 2013                 Stress Relief for the Office,  KLK Accounting Firm, Tucson, AZ

Do You Believe that Employee Health equals Organizational Health?

Call or email me today to discuss how our  Employee well-being programs can help your employees, senior management, and board members experience stress relief at the office, mindfulness, and learn practices for sustainable self-care.

Improve Employee productivity and satisfaction through simple, tangible, and effective techniques.

Topics include:


    Meditation & Mindfulness

Food as Medicine

Integrative Nutrition

Conscious Communication

Stress Management & Wellness