Sarkice NedderTHE — USE OF ENERGY (“CHI”)


More than any other time in the history of the world this is the time of awareness about the need to condition our bodies. The variety of types of ways to do so abounds, from boot camp to Tai Chi; the craze is on. There are tried and true standbys that have worked for generations: Pilates, Martial Arts, Dance, and Swimming etc. Then of course there are the unending new fads of the week, the month or the year,-all of which eventually fade away. There is notably one factor that ensures optimal conditioning of the entire inner and outer body. In fact it has been said that, when it is used, physical conditioning improves dramatically. Some know it as energy and some with the oriental bent understand it to be “chi”, – “the life energy”. Unfortunately, although today there is scientific affirmation of its use and general public awareness of its need, few understand how to incorporate it for physical training. The most common misconception is that by simply learning to feel the energy the conditioning follows. This of course simply is not true.

For benefit one must, among other things, not only learn how to recognize and feel it but rather one must learn how to move it in specific ways throughout the body and apply it internally and externally for general health. The ultimate secret however is to learn how to change the energy into something more, something greater, something profound.

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