Simple Solutions for Back Pain #2- Posture Tips

 This second installation in my ongoing series for Back pain relief is focused on posture.

My simple solutions for back pain relief come from personal experience and successful application of these recommended practices and movements. I’ve spent the past  3 decades in continual recovery and management of my jaw, neck and back pain from car accident injuries and genetic arthritic challenges.  Receiving back pain relief from easy adjustments and daily practices has made a huge difference in my ability to cope with pain when it flares up, and prevent flare-ups from happening as often.  My sincere hope is that these tips lead you to find back pain relief as well.

Step 1:  Correct Seated Posture

Seated posture is the easiest for us to let slide, yet luckily, also a simple one to correct

  • To begin:  Check your seated posture. Specifically check your alignment while working at the computer, driving and watching t.v.
  • When seated, ideally keep your knees in alignment with your hips.  Place your feet approximately hip-bone width apart. It can be helpful to have your knees slightly higher than your hips (an inch or two).
  • Avoid crossing your ankles or legs. In fact, make a commitment to this today and always.   Sitting with our legs crossed puts the pelvis in an uneven position and consequently changes spinal alignment. Place your feet on a wedge or pillow to increase comfort levels instead. I use the wedges from OPTP. (see below)

Step 2: Correct Shoulder Placement

We all have been known to wear our shoulders as earrings on occasion!  Check in with yourself and practice these shoulder placement tips.

  • Allow your shoulders to be relaxed and down.  Create some space between your ear lobes and shoulders (in other words, avoid wearing your shoulders as earrings!).
  • Take a moment today to notice your alignment while sitting at the computer or while driving.  Notice the placement of your head and shoulders as well as your feet.

Small postural adjustments such as the ones above can provide noticeable back and neck pain relief and improve your posture significantly.

Where to find Posture Support Products

There are a couple of options for purchasing the wedge.  Look it up at OPTP, a teriffic company that offers physical therapy products and a large selection of back care products.  Another great resource is the Better Back Store.  Another simple and inexpensive solution that I use beneath my computer desk  is a 3-ring binder.  Any office supply store will have various binder options.

Please let me know if you have  questions or comments.  I  appreciate hearing what you discover on your road to increased energy and vitality. If you find relief, please share this (and other Simple Solutions for Back Pain tips) on Facebook, Linkedin  or via this email.