Our Team

Geneviève Nedder

Director & Founder

Geneviève Nedder is the Founder and Director of Tucson's Body Fundamentals, Inc., which originated in Denver, CO in 1996. She is a Pilates Expert, an Ayurvedic Consultant, and a Chopra Global Health Educator.

She was introduced to Pilates in 1995 after two serious car accidents left her with severe neck, back, jaw, and shoulder injuries. Pilates rehabilitation ultimately relieved much of the pain and prevented the need for several surgeries. Read more about her journey here.

Her extensive and intensive Pilates education and teacher training includes an in-depth, decade-long study with First Generation Elder Ron Fletcher, whom she was introduced to in 1995 and who certified her directly. Additionally, since 1995 she has worked privately and in yearly workshops and continuing education.

She is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) and a graduate of the Essential Motion Inc. Post-Rehabilitation Training Program which qualifies her to teach post-rehabilitation Pilates.

Her Tucson studio celebrates its 23-year anniversary in January 2024. In addition to offering full-time Pilates, it's a place for Pilates Teachers to receive private mentoring, and attend classes and trainings.

Prior to Pilates, Genevieve trained and studied at Pepperdine University, The National Theatre Conservatory, The University of Arizona, and The Oxford School of Drama. She has a BFA in Drama production with minors in Dance and Art History.

She began performing professionally at the age of fifteen. For over two decades, she directed professionally and performed on stage, in television, film, and video in London and Oxford, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; Los Angeles, California, and Denver, Colorado, among other U.S. cities.

She has been a member of the Pilates Method Alliance since 2002 and SAG/AFTRA since 1997. She is actively involved with the Chopra Foundation and committed to its mission of creating a just, peaceful,  sustainable, and healthy world through science, research, and applying the tools of a consciousness-based approach.



Sarkice Nedder

Sarkice Nedder

Body Fundamentals studio clients best know Sarkice Nedder as the leader of Tai Chi sessions and Eastern philosophy seminars, as well as Geneviève’s father. However, Sarkice’s deep martial arts background is not common knowledge.

Sarkice T. Nedder is a Master martial artist. His 60 years of training and practice as an advocation are as follows:

He began learning Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi including the grappling system commonly known  as Chin-Na  when he served in the United States Marine Corps in 1964-1970.

Later at a young age he spent seven years training in Kempo,- a Chinese Karate system.

Thereafter he studied under James DeMille (Bruce Lee’s partner and teacher) Wing Chung,- a sophisticated internal Kung Fu system.

Nedder later learned the Japanese Jiu Jitsu system known as Shio Kharano Jiu Jitsu.      Additionally, he has practiced, among others, segments of the following Kung Fu Styles -Baqua, Praying Mantis, Hsing-I, Jeet Kune Do

Most notably, Mr. Nedder studied for ten years Wu TAICHICHUAN under the late Master and Doctor Wen Zee an indoor student of the famous Grand Master and Doctor., Ma Yueh-Liang.

Mr. Nedder developed his own system of Martial Arts including the physical martial art, spiritual, meditative and mind training techniques, of which he is the head, known as the Tao of Duun Sao (The Way of the Moving Beast.) At one time Mr. Nedder maintained three martial arts schools with hundreds of students.

A serious and lifelong student of Eastern Philosophies/Religions Mr. Nedder has maintained a lifelong interest in adapting and incorporating the Eastern mystical spiritual understandings and techniques and Eastern mind training into Western society’s day to day life. Although the main career (in which he is still actively involved) of Mr. Nedder is international merchant banking and is educated in such matters, he remains active in seminar teaching and personal writings. Some of the subjects of his teaching and seminars are as follows:

  • Use of energy in day-to-day life
  • Development of Chi power
  • Metaphysical aspects of use of power
  • Road to enlightenment
  • Meditation and use of the mind
  • Secrets of Masterhood
  • Mind techniques and hypnosis in day-to-day life
  • We choose to love.
  • We must seek silence.
  • Be still in the storm.



Guest Writers

bailey_200x200Diana Bailey
Guest Writer, Neuromuscular Therapist
Diana Bailey is a neuromuscular therapist with over 20 years of experience specializing in chronic pain relief and postural correction. She has been practicing, teaching, and sharing Pilates as well as other movement disciplines with her clients and in workshops for over 16 years.
Diana combines her talents in Pilates and manual therapy —which “unlocks” the potential of muscles and joints by using gentle, hands-on techniques that restore proper alignment—with an intuitive understanding of the moment at hand for each person she sees. Diana is deeply grateful both to be a part of this work and to be asked to contribute her ideas.She lives in Pine, Colorado and is the Owner of Essential Motion, a Pilates studio.

Janic Gorayeb


As the founder of Ripple Effect Leadership Consulting & Events, I am passionate about working with teams live their core organizational values internally while building and maintaining processes to create a desired and consistent culture. I want to transform the way we cultivate personal leadership one person at a time.

Leadership is changing. Leadership does not mean altitude. Leadership is about collaboration, partnership and healthy communication habits. These character traits help influence others and create a positive ripple effect among an entire organization. My approach is to create fun and creative settings in which people feel valued and trusted.

Specialties: Accomplished facilitator, designer of workshops and retreats, conference presenter, project and event management and action-based researcher.