4 Part in-person Meditation & Mindfulness Live Immersion

In this 4-part meditation and mindfulness live immersion, participants meet for 90-minute in-person sessions.  Participants (employees, board members, professional associations) learn the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual reasons most people practice meditation as well as the benefits. The course includes an introduction to different types of meditation and in-depth training on mantra meditation technique.

Students learn to recognize the primary stress responses, and how those responses immediately impact our physiology and mental and emotional health. Students are given tools to increase awareness of these responses, specifically recognizing the “fight/flight/freeze" response, and how to change their reactions.

Meditation & Mindfulness Content

The course begins with a short educational segment on meditation. This is followed by best practices on how to prepare for meditation, plus a deep dive into the experiences we can have during meditation.

There is an instruction to mantra meditation technique and attendees will be led through it at each session.  Breath work and mindful Breathing techniques are part of each session’s practice. A Chair Yoga sequence per your request before guided meditation is also available as part of the curricula.

Finally, each class ends with intention setting for vibrant health, mental clarity, and greater peace and well-being. Students also learn how to deepen their home practice, set up a personal space for meditation, and more.

The consistent practical meditation experience helps not only create and maintain a daily home practice but also encourages mindful behaviors at the office with fellow employees, professional peers, etc.

This Meditation & Mindfulness Live Immersion course is ideal for employees, board members, and other groups that can benefit from:

  • learning how to naturally de-escalate the fight/flight/freeze stress responses
  • gaining mental clarity and focus
  • improving common health issues like blood pressure, anxiety, depression, inflammation and more (see below)

Handouts & Reference Materials

  • Breathing techniques to reverse stress
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Daily practice guidelines and support
  • Meditation door hanger

Meditation Benefits Include

  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Relief from depression.
  • Relief from anxiety.
  • Decreased addictive behavior.
  • Decreased cholesterol levels
  • Decreased inflammation.
  • Increased focus, memory, and ability to learn.
  • Increased feelings of relaxation and peace.
  • Improved Immune function
  • Inner relaxation.
  • More restful sleep.
  • Build new neural pathways and change your physiology
  • Release of stress, fatigue, and toxins.

Meditation & Mindfulness Live Immersion

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Private Meditation

If you’d prefer private meditation instruction, please contact me at the studio to schedule a private 1:1 session. Whether you’re just starting out or interested in deepening your current meditation practice, together we’ll explore the best techniques and tools for you.

Establishing a regular practice is very important. It is through the consistency of practice that a habit may be cultivated. Learn techniques for consistent home practice and stress reduction in a private, peaceful space.

Preparing for Meditation Group classes

What should I wear?
Please be comfortable and wear clothes you can move in easily. Most of our Meditation classes include a short Yoga segment, which you can do either seated (Chair Yoga) or standing.

Do I need to bring a blanket or mat?
We will be practicing seated meditation.Blankets will be provided to you. We also have mats if you're more comfortable sitting on the floor.

How long are Group Meditation classes?
The classes are 90 Minutes. Each includes a wellness focus and topic for the day, Pranayama breathing techniques and practice, and a guided mantra meditation. The actual Meditation portions can last 30-35 minutes.

Do I need to fast the day before or the morning of?
No fasting or special diet is required prior to Meditation class or for meditation in general. However, if you are a coffee drinker, it’s best to avoid drinking coffee or anything highly caffeinated before meditating.

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